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Sick of Spam? I sure am. So I thought it was time to fight back. After receiving spam I send an e-mail back or go to their website requesting more information and leave them with my phone number. These are the recorded conversations when the spammers call me back.


Pez Pain (5:00) - Spam Mail
Peter and Nick (5:44) - Spam Mail
Gas UP USA (5:13)
Hello? (0:35) - Spam Mail
Dental for Pets - Part 1 (0:45) - Spam Mail
Dental for Pets - Part 2 (1:58) - Spam Mail
Dental for Pets - Part 3 (5:02) - Spam Mail
PrePaid Legal (4:09) - Spam Mail

For the past few years I have gotten several Junk Faxes. I usually get around two a day and no matter how many times I call the "Remove Your Fax Number" Line. I keep getting faxes even from the same companies! I finally got Dr. Laura to give them a call and give them a hard time.

Dr. Laura 1 (4:40)
Dr. Laura 2 (7:03)
Dr. Laura 3 (2:27)
Dr. Laura 4 (4:17)

Dr. Laura 5
Dr. Laura 6 (0:33)
Dr. Laura 7 (0:37)
Dr. Laura 8 (1:55)
Dr. Laura 9 (3:07)
Dr. Laura 10 (3:52)
Dr. Laura 11 (4:46)
Dr. Laura 12 (22:41)
Dr. Laura 13 (4:16) (NEW!)

Tom Hanks 1

Jack Nicholson (2:59)

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